P.O. Box 671
521 Great Oaks Drive
Monroe, Georgia


Q--Do you see children and adults?

Yes, we do see patients of all ages.  Our physicians handle everything from newborn exams through geriatrics concerns.  Presently, all of our physicians are accepting new patients.  However, we do not see children on a one-time basis due to their regular physician being unavailable. Q--What are your hours?

We are open 8:00 am though 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Doctors see their first patient at 8:30 am.  We are also open every Saturday morning from 9:00 am though 12:00 pm to handle emergencies.  Stress tests are usually done in the first appointments of the day.  Our phlebotomist handles lab work on Monday through Friday starting at 8:15 am.

Q--What is the waiting time for an appointment (both well and sick visits)?

We try to accommodate all urgent needs within the day now that we have five full time physicians.  Sick visits would be scheduled within three days while a well visit may take longer.  We try to encourage well checks during the summer months so that more sick visit slots are available during the flu season.  Simply call our office (770) 267-7093 during our regular office hours for an appointment.

Q--What insurance plans do you accept?

Call the customer service number on your insurance card to confirm that we are still participating with your insurance plan.  Check out the list of participating insurance plans and networks under the Insurance section.  

Q--What do I need to do before my first visit?

Be sure that one of our physicians is listed as your primary care physician on your insurance card BEFORE your visit.  In addition, to expedite your first visit, you can complete our new patient forms prior to your appointment and bring them with you.  Simply go to the "New Patients" section under the "Office" heading on this site, and follow the instructions.

Q--What if I need a referral?

In most cases, you must be seen by our physicians to obtain a referral.  In many cases, your insurance may require a referral from your primary care physician.  In some cases, a referral from us is not required; however, we want to be responsible for coordinating your care.  Please keep us informed of any specialty care you receive that is not coordinated through our office.  In addition, our patients frequently find that we can evaluate and treat their problem without the need to go elsewhere for specialty care.

Whether we refer you to a specialist or you schedule an appointment on your own, please be sure that the specialist is in your health insurance plan's network.  In most cases, we try to refer within your plan's network, but it is your responsibility to confirm your plan's coverage.  Plans change frequently, and providers within a given plan may change as well.  

Q--Will my insurance cover this test/procedure/specialist/equipment?

Insurance plans are constantly changing their benefits.  With the large number of plans we accept, we can not possibly keep up with a complete list of each plan's benefits.  It is your responsibility to confirm coverage for a given test/procedure/specialist/equipment.  Our physicians will order only those tests or procedures that we feel are necessary; however, insurance plans do not always cover the care that we feel is necessary.  Our obligation is always to our patients, not the health insurance company. You can feel confident that we will always order those things which we feel are needed to properly care for you as a patient.

Q --Will I be able to reach the doctor after hours?

Yes, you will be able to reach one of our physicians or one of the physicians who shares call with our practice.  Just call our regular line (770) 267-7093 and you will be connected to our answering service who will text message our physician.  If another physician group is on call, then just follow their instructions.

Q--Who takes care of your patients when you are on vacation?

We share call with Dr. Neil Groff, Dr. Michael Munsey, and Dr. George Groff in Loganville.  We also include Dr. Terry Hanson in Social Circle in our call rotation.

Q--Which hospitals do you use?

We use Clearview Regional Medical Center in Monroe.  If anyone wants to use a different facility, we would have to find another physician willing to accept you for a hospital stay.


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