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  1. Medical News Today: E-cigarettes 'reduce chance of smokers quitting'

    Rather than aiding smoking cessation, a new study suggests e-cigarettes may reduce the likelihood of smokers quitting conventional cigarettes.
  2. Medical News Today: Could health warning labels stop parents buying sugary drinks for kids?

    Findings from a new study suggest warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages could deter parents from buying such drinks for their children, reducing diabetes and obesity risks.
  3. Medical News Today: Winter sports: have fun but stay safe

    Winter sports are not as dangerous as many people think, but accidents do happen; following some tips and rules can help you stay safe.
  4. Medical News Today: Urine test for early Alzheimer's steps closer

    Using mouse models of Alzheimer's, researchers show how odor changes in urine - due to shifts in levels of compounds already present - may serve as a biomarker for early disease.
  5. Medical News Today: Repetitive blast exposure tied to brain changes in combat vets

    The more blasts combat veterans are exposed to, the more they show lasting changes in neuron activity in specific areas of the brain - as seen in retired boxers - study shows.


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